How to Choose Suitable Curtains for the Kitchen


Framing your kitchen’s windows impacts your kitchen’s feel and look.  Your taste, kitchen theme, and the size and location of your windows will dictate your choice of kitchen curtains.  The following are a few suggestions to aid you in making the best choice.


Your curtains must match your kitchen’s theme and style.  If your kitchen is decorated in a retro look, do not use artistic style curtains.  Curtains with pinch-pleat drapes offer a classical design.  Curtains with tab tops provide a casual and contemporary appearance.  Short curtains are excellent for casual kitchens.  Full-length curtains are best for windows near the dining area.  Café type curtains are excellent for privacy.



Your curtains should match kitchen tiles, furniture, counters, etc.  For example, pastel, beige, and white colors work best with neutral colored tiles.

Neutral colors offer an elegant and luxurious appearance.  Solid colored curtains go best with distinctive wallpaper and patterned curtains are excellent with neutral walls.

Pattern choices include:

  • Flowery:  embroidery, jacquard weaving, etc.
  • Stripes:  asymmetrical or equal
  • Geometric figures
  • United



Curtains come in a wide variety of fabrics.  The needs you consider include:

  • Privacy and blocking sunlight:  heavy fabrics and blackout linings
  • Decoration:  light and airy fabrics
  • Curtains near the sink:  washable materials like cotton or linen since cooking odors will gather on them
  • Curtains near the stove:  materials treated with flame retardant.  Alternately, an awning can be installed.

Dark curtains make your kitchen look smaller.  Light curtains offer a spacious appearance and are easier to clean.  Lightweight fabrics are less likely to trap odors than heavier fabrics.


Rod Material

Wooden rods are susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature, vapors, and fumes.  Iron and aluminum rods are best for kitchens.